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Comparison of the ease of learning of Web Frameworks: Rails, Grails, Django and CodeIgniter


This article compares the ease of learning of web frameworks: Rails, Grails, Django and CodeIgniter based on the experience of learning how to use the framework and developing a toy application, MyBlog, in fixed time. More details about this test can be found here. Points of comparison will be timing, documentation, community support, steps to execute common functions, some features, lines of code and readability of solutions.[[…]]

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Web frameworks comparison: A model


I have been reading different web frameworks comparisons. The most accurate I have found is a little bit old, 2008, and it is part of a project by Polytechnic University of Madrid now abandoned. This article was written by José Ignacio Fernández-Villamor, Laura Díaz-Casillas and Carlos Á. Iglesias. It can be found here. It is […]

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